🔥 How to Get 1000 Video Ideas in 1 Hour

and punch your creative block in the face
🔥 How to Get 1000 Video Ideas in 1 Hour
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Does this screen stress you out?

Let's fix that! Steal my infinite YouTube idea framework and never stare at an empty page again.

And don't forget your homework assignment at the end 👀 Strategy is only as good as the action it enables.

Ideas are the foundation of success for every YouTube video. Getting them right is crucial, but getting them *at all* is the first step in the battle.

External Sources

Inspiration is everywhere on the platform if you know where to look. I won't bore you by listing everything. Here are my 3 favorites:

  • Great Reset
  • Competition
  • Other Niches

Ok but seriously:

Your watch history drives YouTube's suggestions to you. Break out of the echo chamber in a couple of ways:

First, you can create a fresh account and see what the YouTube home page offers up to a "new" visitor to the site. Remember that YouTube's goal is to satisfy viewers and keep them on the platform. Something about the content in front of you has proven to do that.

What catches your eye? Screenshot thumbnails that stop your scroll or titles that tempt you to click. Keep everything in your preferred notetaking app and review it often.

⛏️ Dig Deeper

Train the fresh account by only watching your target niche. This will lead to a focused set of suggestions from YouTube. You'll build an echo chamber that you can control. Let the platform do all the hard work of finding the best content for you.

Launch an incognito window for a quick glance at a fresh YouTube home page and browse to your heart's content at any time.


Keep your friends close and your YouTube competitors even closer.

Your competitors ARE:

  • A friendly rival
  • Creators in your niche
  • Creators you look up to

Your competitors ARE NOT:

  • Actually competition

Look to similar creators for inspiration, but only truly compete with your last video.

Unlike my rivalry with Gary, who I would fight on sight to this day.

⛏️ Dig Deeper

Use VidIQ to see any channel's "Trending" page. This ranks their videos by VPH (views per hour) to give you a rough real-time view of their content. See which videos their audience is currently watching to know where relevant eyeballs are spending time.

Bonus tip: look for older videos with high VPH that have overperformed. Make your own twist to give those viewers an updated experience to enjoy.

Other Niches

When everything in your niche feels stale, expand your horizon. Successful content in one niche is typically transferrable to another in some way.

Potential inspiration points may include but are not limited to:

  • Title formats
  • Thumbnail concepts
  • Storytelling frameworks

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, so go take some seeds.

Internal Sources

"The power of creation lies within [YouTube Studio]" -Gandhi, probably

  • Real-time Charts
  • Top Performers
  • Audience Tab

Real-time Charts

Somehow still underrated, these charts show you exactly which videos your audience is currently watching. Find those hidden gems of older videos that are still driving views.

Have you doubled down on them recently? Give your audience what they want.

Access: Analytics > Realtime > See More

Top Performers

Despite being on the first page of the Analytics tab, this section is overlooked. That's something a Casual Carl would do. Don't be Casual Carl.

This section shows which videos gained the most views for the time period selected. NOTE: This is for A) your entire library and B) only counts views gained during the said time period, not lifetime views.

This is a great way to find legacy videos that may have slipped through the real-time charts. Make sure to switch to the 90-day view as well for a wider lens.

Access: Analytics > Overview > 28/90 Days

Audience Tab

Make the FBI agent spying on you proud by doing the same to your viewers.

YouTube tells you:

It doesn't get much easier than that. Meet your viewers where they are.

Access: Analytics > Audience

⚠️ Caution ⚠️

Take/Twist > Copy/Paste

This process is meant to kickstart your brainstorming juices.

Your audience will receive more value from your twists on relevant content. They don't want to see the same thing twice.

Next Steps

  1. Pick your favorite ideas
  2. Write 100 variations of each
  3. 93 of the ideas will be trash, but what you're left with are contenders
  4. Get to creating

Take Action

Here is your challenge for this week:

  • Find one idea from each method
  • Tweet me your results! (@trenthaire)

All the best,


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